PoS Solution

PoS Solutions

PoS payment collection solutions from FidyPay increase your payment conversion and acceptance and enhance your overall customer experience. We offer customized PoS Solutions to accept payments easier than ever before!
Let your customers feel comfortable and give them the freedom to choose their preferred payment method using our tailor-made collection methods using PoS System and PoS Enabled Devices.

  • PCI-compliant and certified range suitable for your business needs and enhanced customer experience.
  • Simple API for initiating payments from mobile devices, cash register systems, and web browsers.
  • Strong system stability, 99.999% uptime, and maximum speed.
  • Payment data connection across channels .
  • Local payment methods allow customers to pay through their preferred method.
  • Complete automation is driven by API with zero manual intervention.
  • The luxury of different payment modes, including net banking, credit cards, debit cards, wallets, UPI, and others.
  • Real-time insights and data for making wise business decisions.

A reputed POS Services provider company like FidyPay allows you to connect all PoS devices on a single platform. This makes PoS system software setup easier with an integrated payments platform, helping you to integrate everything from wherever you are. With a single platform, you may connect all your data throughout your stores and sales channels across India.

We have deployed PoS system software for numerous government clients and business partners to automate and digitize their payments and collections. Let us deploy them as per your needs and start collecting payments in real-time.

FidyPay is a PoS Solutions provider company that allows you to collect online payments via various methods. Give the best digital payment experience to your customers and let them enjoy the true PoS system meaning with our PoS Solutions.